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Gridz 1.5.1 Updater Read Me

This file contains helpful troubleshooting tips, last-minute information, and the license agreement that the lawyers made us add. Click "Continue" when you have read and agreed to the terms of the license.


This updater should find your copy of Gridz and replace it. It will also add some new Gridz data files. This update will work for any older version of Gridz (including the 1.1 beta releases). If you are installing this over the 1.1 beta version, you should throw away the Gridz 1.1 Beta application after running this installer.

Game Ranger Support (PowerPC only)

We have added Game Ranger support to the PowerPC version of Gridz. You can learn more about Game Ranger at www.gameranger.com. Game Ranger is a great way to find other people to play Gridz with.


Node Recycling (NetGridz only)

You can now recycle nodes to gain energy. Only interior nodes (those inside the NetSpace that you own, not along the edges) can be recycled. You also cannot recycle the 4 nodes which surround your domain.

Click on the node recycle tool on the tool palette and then click on the node you want to recycle. The node will be destroyed and you will gain energy.


GridzNet Game Server

The biggest improvement in Gridz 1.3 is the addition of the GridzNet game server. This is an easy to use way to find other players who want to play NetGridz. This only works in the Internet (TCP/IP) version of Gridz.

There is a new checkbox in the Net Play dialog which is labeled "public". When this is checked (which is the default) and the "New Game" button is clicked, the game is announced to the GridzNet game server.

There are new options in the Internet Gridz dialog which allow the GridzNet game server to be contacted for a list of currently announced games.

See the new help screens within Gridz for more details on how the GridzNet game server works.


Fixes & Changes


  • fixed several crashes under OS X


  • built with Carbon technology from Apple to run native on Mac OS 8,9,X
  • fixed several network-related bugs


  • added Game Ranger Support (PowerPC only)
  • fixed crash on exit with some versions of DrawSprocket


  • fixed network lag problem on faster Macs with slower networks
  • fixed damage system bug (boomers work right now)
  • added sound effect to annouce player joining game


  • added support for InputSprocket to the PowerPC version
  • added support for the GridzNet game server
  • added support for Node Recycling
  • fixed some minor network play bugs


  • added "hacker blips" option to single player game
  • added "timed nodes" option to single player game
  • added "smarter enemies" option to single player game


  • appletalk and internet networking
  • improved robot AI
  • some speed improvements
  • board size selection bug fixed
  • memory related bug fixes



This version includes NetGridz. NetGridz can be played over the Internet or over an AppleTalk network. See the help screens for more information. Internet NetGridz requires Open Transport. We recommend version 1.1.2 or later.

Different versions of Gridz cannot play against each other in a network game. All players in a network game must be running the same version of Gridz.


Your Serial Number & The Gridz CD & NetGridz

The same serial number cannot be used on multiple machines in a network game. You can play against anyone with a normal serial number or anyone with a network serial number. 3 free network serial numbers can be requested by sending e-mail to "net@gridz.com" with your real serial number in the subject line.

Additional network serial numbers can be purchased from our web site.

You will need the CD when you install and enter the serial number. A network serial number does not allow single player play.



Our web site will always have the latest news, information, and updates about Gridz.

E-mail technical support is available at "gridz-support@greendragon.com".

Telephone technical support is available at 1-662-473-4225.


Bug Reports

If you find a bug, please send e-mail to "gridz-support@greendragon.com". Send as much information as possible including:

1) Details about your machine (model, MacOS version, extensions, etc.)

2) What happened?

3) Can you make it happen again?

4) How did you make it happen?

5) Anything else that you feel is important

Thanks again for purchasing the very first game developed and published by Green Dragon Creations! We have two more games on the way. Keep an eye on our website for news about Gridz and our new games.

Howard Shere
Green Dragon Creations, Inc.


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