Instructions for upgrading to Gridz 1.5.1

You must already have Gridz 1.4. If you don't have that yet, click here for the Gridz 1.4 update.

1) Gridz 1.5.1 will not work with your current serial number. If you haven't already placed your order for Gridz 1.5.1 Upgrade click here.

2) Download the Gridz 1.5 upgrade disk image

3) Double click the disk image

4) Replace the older Gridz application on your hard drive with the Gridz application from the disk image

5) Run the new Gridz application.

6) You will be asked for your new Gridz serial number. Do not enter your old Gridz serial number. It will not work with Gridz 1.5.1. Enter your new Gridz 1.5.1 Upgrade serial number.

7) Play Gridz again and again and again.

Downloading the full version of Gridz 1.5.1


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