They are the ToolBots.
They are quick. They are smart. They are small enough to fit between the wires that bind the net together. Each ToolBot has a mission and only destruction will keep that mission from being fulfilled.


PING is a worker.

PING's mission is to capture NetSpace, one grid at a time.

PING is looking for nodes to turn on.

The nodes belong to the enemy. The enemy is surrounding gridz of NetSpace with these nodes and it's PING's mission to turn them on.

When a grid of NetSpace is surrounded by turned-on nodes, that grid is captured.

The more gridz he captures, the more power he has.

PING is the forefront of the assault on your domain.

RIPPER is a striker.

RIPPER's mission is to seek out enemy ToolBots and RIP them apart.

RIPPER moves through neutral NetSpace looking for ToolBots from enemy domains.

RIPPER is quicker than most other ToolBots and very determined. Once RIPPER has caught sight of its prey, there is little chance of escape.

RIPPER charges towards its prey and cuts it to bits.

...and there are more.

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